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Industry News

Safety First For Consumer Unit Blanks

Hager claims to have introduced a range of consumer unit blanks that are the safest currently available.

The new range clips securely onto the DIN rail and covers the busbar finger. It does not come off when you remove the front cover and you cannot push it through by accident. This is especially important when consumer units are mounted at an accessible height ensuring no unintentional access to the busbar where children are in the household. Says Steve Dyson, product manager: "It is common for consumer units or JK boards in the final distribution to have outgoing ways left blank to allow for the addition of other circuits in the future.

Some consumer unit blanks are generally fitted to the front cover of the board, so the busbar teeth need separate covers or 'boots' for protection. "Making sure that the blank is securely fixed and will not come away easily is both the safest solution and also the most convenient for the installer."

BS 5266-1 Emergency Lighting. Code of Practice or the Emergency Lighting of Premises

BS 5266-1 Emergency lighting has been the subject of a full revision. While revising this standard consideration has be given for work places where the loss of light due to a power failure puts personnel at greater risk.

The revision also ensures that the wiring requirements within the standard relating to the new revision of the harmonized wiring standard for safety related systems are taken into account.

It has been reformatted as in the past this document was used as a prescriptive requirement, now it forms an essential element in enabling users to design systems to meet the requirements identified in their risk assessments.

The draft standard will be available through the BSI Draft Review System. If you're interested in this draft, you can read the full draft clause by clause and leave comments and suggestions about its content which will be considered for the final British Standard.